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7 of 9's Penny Stock Links

Yahoo News Search (All OTC News)
Yahoo News Search (Mergers)
SEC Forms List
Pink Sheets
OTC Markets
Free Level II Quotes
Pink Level II Quotes
Nasdaq Upcoming Splits
Allstocks: Micro Penny Board
Allstocks: HotStocks Free for All
Allstocks: Reverse Splits by Mag
Cash Cow at IHub
BBs Penny Haven at IHub
OTC Actives, Delayed
Pinkie Actives, Delayed
Small Cap Center - Losers (Delayed)
Small Cap Center - Winners (Delayed)
OTCBB: OTC Daily List (Search Splits)
OTCBB: Pinkie Daily List (Search Splits)
Nasdaq Short List (SHO)
Edgar Company Search
10k Wizard: Text Search SEC Edgar Filing
SEC Filings
SEC Info
Stock Charts: King of All Charts
StockTA: Technical Analysis (what fun)
Bar Charts OTC
Shell Stock Review (Reverse Merger Plays)
Stock Patrol Scam Watch (Fun but Useless)
Stock Lemon Scam Watch
Penny Stocks: Scam Central
Stock Watch: for the Gear Head
Alpha Trade E-Gate: Pinkie Level IIs !!
OTCBB Trader
Knobias: The Weird One
DD Machine
Stock Fetcher (Screener)
Zoom Info (google your favorite scammer)
SmallCapCenter Subpenny Technical Screener
Quote Media Level II (Delayed)
OTCBB: 2 Min. News (purepennies, much spam)
ClearStation Technicals
Stock Info Systems (scam warning)
Keating Shells, Current
Keating Shells, Merged, Too Late
Halter Reverse Mergers
Bottom Picks (stinky)

Essays, Techniques

OTC Techniques (from Genius)
MM Theory (The Ax)
MM list
Nasdaq vs. OTC vs. Pinksheets Overview
Keating Reverse White Paper
Keating Reverse Brochure
Huge Noobie Article by 'lilpennypincher'
Reverse Mergers: the utter scam of it

Movies for Traders

Boiler Room (the ultimate)
Wall Street (school time)
Glengarry Glen Ross (get scammed by the best)
The Sting (scams are not new)

Searching Techniques (In order of importance)

  • 8K Related, All Reverse Merger Plays: 10kWizard Search
    PRE 14C, All Reverse Merger Plays: 10kWizard Search
    Jenson Scam Deep Search: 10k Wizard
    Keating Scam Deep Search: 10k Wizard
    Halter Scam Deep Search: 10k Wizard
    Other Scam Deep Search: 10k Wizard
    Form 4 .OB Search: 10k Wizard
    Shell Filings, Inactive List
    Shell Filings, Active List
  • Yahoo News Filtered Search, so you see only the news from the OTC, with garbage filtered out. You want to see real news items from OTC companies, very fresh, and not filtered through one of the scam news outfits. Some brokers, like TD Waterhouse, have Real Time News that is the fastest source possible, but it must be filtered for the OTC, since most stock news is irrelevant to us.
  • DD using, the best site for researching an OTC stock.
  • Pop Screener Research. Use a good subpenny stock screener (there are very few) like to find recent pops, say in the last year. A good pop is any that have gone up 10X or more from a low base. Make sure the stocks could have actually been bought low, since many have zero volume before the pop and arent real. Now do deep DD research on the best pops to find out any reason for the pop. Many have no obvious reason. Some are reverse merger plays, etc. Find out which scam outfit is behind the pop. You may find scam outfits that are currently working OTC scams, and ARE SUCCESSFUL. Add the new scammers to your Scammer Deep Search. Scammers will be very quiet before they start their pump. Genius has used this technique to garner vast sums. Load up low, ride up with the scammers, and dump out when they do. Important, the scammers will have huge shares and will continue to pump hard while they dump. Get out.
  • 10k Wizard Merger Search. Use the following links to search SEC filings for Reverse Mergers in the works. The object is to buy a lot of cheap shares in a shell before it is merged with some chinese scam outfit. You must be able to buy the stock cheap. You also must try to determine if the merger is happening soon. Even if the merger does not happen, the stock can still go up bcs. now it is a merger in play. Use the deep searches for known reverse merger scammers bcs. they often leave off their name. They must use the correct address and phone, however, or risk jail.

The Borg have assimilated all Ferengi trading technology .

My gift to you...

Ferengi Trading Wisdom

  • Any Profit is good
  • Never take losses
  • Buy low, at the bid, or lower
  • Sell high, into strength or pops
  • Avoid the ask (suckers play)
  • Never buy pops. Buy before
  • No market orders (limit only)
  • Be not a bagholder
  • Dont ride it down (sell and buy more)
  • The lowest price for any stock is zero
  • There is no highest price
  • Sell before reverse splits, buy after
  • Buy the shake
  • Buy shorting shares at the bottom
  • ASAP, move into free shares
  • Buy when no one else is. Sell in a crowd
  • If you make a bag on every stock, you will own the galaxy
  • Pump your stocks hard, after you've bought
  • Dollars Trump Fluff every time
  • Trust no one
  • Beware of huge drops. They can reverse on you
  • Same with CEO swaps. They can reverse on you
  • Greed is good
  • Spend 10 times the time buying as selling
  • Buy hard, slow and low
  • Learn the market maker's tricks
  • Develop a profitable strategy and never leave it
  • There is no luck on the OTC, only sweat
  • You deserve huge profits
  • 98% of OTCBB stox are pure scams
  • 99.9% of pinkies are pure scams
  • You can still get rich
  • There's nothing better than a good scam
  • 99% of OTC traders will be wiped out
  • True Ferengis are never wiped out
  • Latinum always trumps all else
  • Latinum is king
  • There's always another pop
  • There's always another stock
  • Exploit ruthlessly the errors of others
  • Reverse mergers are your friend
  • Get addicted to the 10K Wizard
  • Dog the known scammers until you are rich
  • Absorb SEC and OTC Minutia
  • Search every day for huge splits
  • Do your homework
  • Don't worry about DD for pink sheets
  • If you are up, be in no hurry to sell
  • You've already missed 1 million pops so dont worry about one more
  • Ignore CSW (coulda shoulda woulda)
  • You will make a finite number of trades in your life. Make them count
  • If you sell a stock before the pop, you've lost nothing
  • You cant play em all
  • He who makes the most latinum wins
  • Its all about the latinum
  • The OTC will kick you in the crotch, so wear a cup
  • Never under estimate the manipulation of a pinkie
  • Behind every pinkie there is a Ferengi trying to steal your latinum
  • Huge pops are always followed by gut wrenching drops, so get out
  • When in doubt, cash it out
  • The shorts will take yours
  • Study huge pops and learn. Scour all filings
  • Low volume or high, all is good
  • Anything can be traded, else it's worthless
  • Fill your account with free shares
  • Any pop could go higher
  • A Ferengi can never be too rich
  • Everything is better when you're rich
  • Scammers fear jail. Use it
  • If youre able to buy at the bid, the ask is prob. coming down
  • Your gain is another's loss: half the fun
  • Buy on Friday, sell on Monday
  • Look for real, hard, dollars or deals with "big" companies
  • Preserve your capital at all costs
  • Buy with the insiders, heavy
  • There is nothing more beautiful than stacked bricks of gold-pressed latinum
  • trade with joy