There’s not much else that I can tell you about the OTC-BB.


My Techniques:


(1)   Normal Research: Find real (real means semi long-term) companies on the OTC-BB (e.g. Jones Soda, etc.)

(2)   Track the Scam Groups: string searches in SEC database on names, addresses, telephone numbers, accounting and consultant firms, and LLCs.

(3)   Forward Events: string searches in the SEC database for forward events on Forward Splits, Reverse Mergers, Plan of Merger, etc., before a PR is released.

(4)   News Jumping: Read/Scan all the OTC news releases released after the market closes and before the 9:30AM bell and decide

(5)   Real-Time News Jumping: Watch the Real-time news filter and decide


There’s one more to add, the Unusual Volume Technique. Take RCTC as an example. Suppose you knew nothing of the Jenson Gang and their involvement with RCTC, the stock would still have shown up on an Unusual Volume Scan. Take a look at the following 2-month graph:



The Average Volume for RCTC before Sept. 30th was practically nil. The ~375k block on Sept. 30th is a blatant sign that something is up. The subsequent Volume spikes starting on Sept. 16th are also “Unusual”. Not all “Unusual” events portend an increase in price, but they will point to highly probable new “scams”. RCTC, for example, would lead you to the Jenson Gang. This, by the way, is how I first ran into the Jenson Clan. So add to the list Technique #6:


(6)   Unusual Volume Search: Find the scammers that you’re not aware of.


I used to do my Unusual Volume Searches on www.wallstreetcity.com, but that service has now become a paid service. So I’m looking for a new free service. Here are a couple of places that I’m checking out:







I’ve set up a free account on smallcapcenter and the technical tools look promising. If you set up an account make sure you use a throw-away e-mail address, since I expect to start getting “financial” spam…