Trading Wisdom

Ferengi Trading Wisdom

7 of 9’s Penny Stock Links

  1. Any Profit is good

  2. Never take losses

  3. Buy low, at the bid, or lower

  4. Sell high, into strength or pops

  5. Avoid the ask (suckers play)

  6. Never buy pops. Buy before

  7. No market orders (limit only)

  8. Be not a bagholder

  9. Dont ride it down (sell and buy more)

  10. The lowest price for any stock is zero

  11. There is no highest price

  12. Sell before reverse splits, buy after

  13. Buy the shake

  14. Buy shorting shares at the bottom

  15. ASAP, move into free shares

  16. Buy when no one else is. Sell in a crowd

  17. If you make a bag on every stock, you will own the galaxy

  18. Pump your stocks hard, after you’ve bought

  19. Never trade on an empty stomach

  20. Dollars Trump Fluff every time

  21. Trust no one

  22. Beware of huge drops. They can reverse on you

  23. Same with CEO swaps. They can reverse on you

  24. Greed is NOT good. It can lead to losses.

  25. Spend 10 times the time buying as selling

  26. Buy hard, slow and low

  27. Learn the market maker’s tricks

  28. Develop a profitable strategy and never leave it

  29. There is no luck on the OTC, only sweat

  30. You deserve huge profits

  31. 98% of OTCBB stox are pure scams

  32. 99.9% of pinkies are pure scams

  33. You can still get rich

  34. There’s nothing better than a good scam

  35. 99% of OTC traders will be wiped out

  36. True Ferengis are never wiped out

  37. Latinum always trumps all else

  38. Latinum is king, queen, and jack

  39. There’s always another pop

  40. There’s always another stock

  41. Exploit ruthlessly the errors of others

  42. Reverse mergers are your friend

  43. Get addicted to the 10K Wizard

  44. Dog the known scammers until you are rich

  45. Absorb SEC and OTC Minutia

  46. Search every day for huge splits

  47. Do your homework

  48. Don’t worry about DD for pink sheets

  49. If you are up, be in no hurry to sell

  50. You’ve already missed 1 million pops so dont worry about one more

  51. Ignore CSW (coulda shoulda woulda)

  52. You will make a finite number of trades in your life. Make them count

  53. If you sell a stock before the pop, you’ve lost nothing

  54. You cant play em all

  55. He who makes the most latinum wins

  56. Its all about the latinum

  57. The OTC will kick you in the crotch, so wear a cup

  58. Never under estimate the manipulation of a pinkie

  59. Huge pops are always followed by gut wrenching drops, so get out

  60. The shorts will take yours

  61. Study huge pops and learn. Scour all filings

  62. Low volume or high, all is good

  63. Anything can be traded, else it’s worthless

  64. Fill your account with free shares

  65. A Ferengi can never be too rich, but you ain’t no Ferengi.

  66. Money can’t buy you love

  67. Scammers fear jail. Use it

  68. Your gain is another’s loss: half the fun

  69. Look for real, hard, dollars or deals with “big” companies

  70. Preserve your capital at all costs

  71. Buy with the insiders, heavy

  72. There is nothing more beautiful than stacked bricks of gold-pressed latinum

  73. trade with joy

Various Links

Essays, Techniques

Movies for Traders

  • Boiler Room (the ultimate)

  • Wall Street (school time)

  • Glengarry Glen Ross (get scammed by the best)

  • The Sting (scams are not new)