Here are some points to consider when job hunting:

Be flexible in what you are willing to do

You may have a degree that specializes in Area51, but that may be a small job pool. As such:

  • Find related areas that you qualify in

  • Be on the lookout for interesting areas related to your main field

  • Don’t get trapped in Area51, think creativily

  • Does Area51 make you happy? If not, explore…

Use and Prioritize Your Personal Network

Your personal network maybe a more logical way to find work. That is because a personal reference gets you in the door faster than any cold calling (web) strategy. As such:

  • Develop your personal network:

    • Colleagues

    • Friends

    • Business relations

    • Family contacts

    • Bartenders (Hey, they know alot of people!)

  • Systematically spread out the word that you are looking for work.

  • Prioritize those in your network that are well connected super-spreaders.

  • Be willing to meet, discuss, and explore

  • Go to trade shows, happy hours, whatever, and network

  • Be flexible.

Be Radically Positive

  • Put yourself in a positive frame of mind, whatever it takes.

  • Always gravitate to work that makes you happy

  • Use exercise, yoga, music, whatever it takes to get there

  • Be active, pro-active and constantly push forward

  • Remember, even in a down-market there are jobs available, they exist, they always will.

  • Be relentless



  • Make sure your contact info is correct

  • Make it no more than one page

  • Customize your resume for the job requirements

  • Make sure your summary is specific and relevant to the employer

  • Remember it might be scanned, so include all relevant key words.

  • Make a clean and error-free format:

    • Ensure the format is simple, neat, and visually easy to read

    • Check spelling

    • Make sure dates make sense

  • Keep your resume short and concise about your history

  • Highlighted skill at top

  • Include RELEVANT work experience:

    • Company Name

    • Dates of employment

    • Major achievements and awards: this should be the emphasis

    • Brief highlighted summary of relevant duties

  • Include publicly available resources of your work: Ex: Github, Gitlab

  • Educational info at college level or above

Do Not:

  • Include any personal hobbies or activities not related to work

  • Include educational info below college level

  • Embellish or exaggerate your experience

Some Random Words of Advice

  • Respect wisdom

  • Learn from youth

  • Be positive in all things

  • Cultivate an attitude of eternal optimism

  • Be at peace with yourself

  • Know yourself

  • No resentments

  • Want less

  • Pride isn’t the opposite of shame, its the cause of it.

  • Learn fromm history, live now

  • Dont let fear run your life

  • Never go shopping on an empty stomach :)