Nader’s DTF Newspaper

Sat Feb 11 11:54:12 2023

Dead Tree Format (DTF) or Dead Tree Edition are slang for paper. People and businesses try to avoid using it when possible: its expensive.

Regardless, Ralf Nader is creating a new paper, the Winsted Citizen, dead tree edition. Why Ralf insists on using paper and cutting down more trees is mind-boggling. While the Amazon forests burn, and most of North American forests are gone many of us can’t understand why we need to use more paper.

Ralf, just because you don’t like computers doesn’t mean you should force another tree consuming paper onto the world. Paper is the past. Come out to the west and you will see the devastation the logging industry has perpetrated on the Americas. This includes Canada, USA, and Mexico. See

The reason that studies show lack of online retention is all the distractive media embedded in most pages. All you have to do is keep your online article clean and clear and we will read it and retain it.

Please wake-up and realize that the year is 2023 and the planet desperately needs its trees.

Nader Newspaper struggles

Fri Dec 22, 2023

The Winsted Citizen paper, co-founded by Ralf Nader has ceased operations. Its also appears that in subsequent days the paper has been sold to a National Chain. Apparently paper and printing is very expensive.

The new owners promise to bolster online and social media presence for the paper.