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Did Desantis and Abbot break the law?
12 Ways the Supreme Court Ruled Against YOU!!!
The Supreme Court goes full Partisan!
The Supreme Court allows Sexual Slavery!
Vote Local, State, Federal! Get voter education at the League of Women Voters
Remember: Women had to Fight for the Vote! (1920)
In Texas, women could not own separate property until 1840.
Remember: Women had to Fight have Credit Cards! (1974)
Remember: Women had to Fight for Contraception!
1972 The Supreme Court in Eisenstadt v. Baird legalizes birth control for unmarried people.!
Remember: Women had to Fight Reproductive Rights!
Sexual Harrassment wasn't Recognized Until 1977!
Until 1978, a Woman Could be Fired for be Pregnant!
Until 1968, a Married Texas Woman Couldn't Own Property or Start a Business Without Her Husband's Permission.!
Republicans think its 1950, and will take us back to the 1900s!
History of US Birth Control
Discrimination Against Women Doctors in Medical Schools (1970)

Putin is Insane!
Conserve oil and gas. Ride a bike!!!!!
Walk to the store!!!!!
Walk to the bar!!!!!
Organize trips together to reduce russian Oil!!!!!
Contact your reps and TELL them to stop buying russian Oil!!!!!
Reduce Oil and Gas and End Russian Oil Improrts!

Samsung Spilled over 763k Gallons of Sulfuric Acid in Austin TX!

Call Austin City Council to Stop Corporate Welfare!
Ted Cruz Runs Away, Again!
Cancun Cruz is a Tool! § APNews § Reuters § TexasObserver § TexasTribune § TPM § HoustonChron § TexasMonthly § Drudge § TheDailyBeast
DailyKos § Aljazeera § El Pais § BBC § Democracy Now § WashingtonPost § WSJ § NewYorkTimes
Slate § Politico § The Guardian § ProPublica § MattStoller § National.Interest § CurrentAffairs § JACOBIN
ArsTechnica § TheRegister § ZDNet § Slashdot
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